SuperG Sydney, October 1999


Dave at the Sydney Opera House

Hattie patiently waiting for the geeks to
finish oogling at cars that they either
can't afford, or can't legally import back 
to the states.

Jackie pretending to be an Aussie beach

Hattie and Jackie posing in front of the great outdoors.

Bill and Hattie posing in a dark restaraunt, with
the excellent view of the harbor totally washed
out in the background.


Hattie posing with Bill's favorite car from Playstation Grand Prix Racing, the
1999 Nissan NSX.  If only his legs would fit under the dash in real life...

Hattie posing in front of the canned wilderness that they show off for the tourists.

No, Lou...  You can't take this one home
with you.  Nothing beats an MG though,
except maybe an MG with an attractive
redhead behind the wheel.

You take Hattie to a country half way around the world, and how does she
spend her Sunday?  Sleeping, as usual.

Our native tourguide, catching some rays
on the quay.

Jackie and Hattie wearing those nifty hats that
they sell to the tourists so that you can pick
them out of a crowd.