The Better Life

Pilothouse Restaurant, Marina, and Redneck Karaoke Bar

Puppies and Boats...
Life doesn't get any better.

Even RatDog's like boating.

A little hair of the dog that
bit you always seems to help.

The morning after is a price you have to pay.

Even the old guys end up playing
with kid's toys.  Be careful with
that whoopie cushion Don, revenge 
can be a real bitch...

The Great Fishing Excursion

Mutants on the Bounty - 1998

The morning after has stretched into the evening 
after for Roger, with no improvement in the pounding

Captain Tim, "What?!  You want to go back to the marina?! 
We can't be done fishing, we still have beer and bait!"

After 5+ years of annual fishing excursions, Tim 
finally catches a 52" rockfish.  Really, it is a 
52" rockfish and not a 15" smelly catfish, it is 
just a bad picture.