Welcome to my world.  The employment landscape has been changing at a pretty furious pace.  Sun, Sun, Mitre, Sun, Oracle, Huawei, Centurylink.  I was Senior Director of Strategy and advancement at CTL, and had a great team and built some awesome stuff.  NFV, SDN, Edge Compute, the bleeding edges of the Telco world are what keeps me excited about my work.

In my copious spare time, I am also a notably unsuccessful professional bowler.  It was a lifelong dream to at least be competitive, and I have finally achieved what I set out to do.  I'll never be "Hall of Fame" worthy, but I enjoy the competition and learning, and spending time with others of similar interests.  Just being good enough to compete is amazing for me.

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    Deep Thought of the Week:

    People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones; but paint balls might fun.

            --Elizabeth McLeod

    Bonus Deep Thought of the Week:

    Black holes are where God divided by zero.

    I specialize in HEDC and DataCenter solutions in the commercial sector, if that can be called a specialty.  I try to remain a generalist, concentrating on creating "Manageable Solutions" to match customer needs.  My current expressed areas of concentration are Capacity Planning, Performance Management, System Management, and Systems Architecture. I am currently working on Server Consolidation definition and delivery of services with David Hornby and David Lehenky. 

    I am a member of  Usenix and  SAGE , though I am rarely able to keep up with extracurricular activities including geek-fests such as Usenix meetings.  I am, and always will be, first and foremost, a geek. 

    My personal information and interests are also online in case anyone really cares... 


    My customers over the past few years include: 
    • Pfizer , home of Viagra, and located in the heart of Manhattan, NY
    • Bell South , Wireless Services in Atlanta, GA
    • FedEx , in the great city of Memphis, TN
    • AT&T , for the infamous GECKO Starfire in Phoenix, AZ
    • SouthWest Bell , Internet Services in Richardson, TX
    • Merchant Bank, my first Starfire in China, Shenzhen, Shekou, PRC
    • Erol's , a regional ISP in Springfield, VA

    My former lives

    My former employers include: 
    • Smoke N Mirrors, Inc., a now-defunct reseller/integrator that died an untimely death
    • Network Management Inc., acquired by DynCorp, now the Systems Integration Division
    • LCC, Inc., a leader in cellular engineering and wireless technology
    • PRC Realty Systems, providing Multiple Listing Services to the Real Estate industry

       -  mrbill@thebunker.com