Welcome to my world.  I'm Bill Walker, I am currently the CTO and Head Janitor at Tensor Networks.  We build really cool platforms for deploying NFV, accelerated networking, and AI/ML with faster data paths.  The employment landscape has been changing at a pretty furious pace.  Sun, Sun, Mitre, Sun, Oracle, Huawei, Centurylink.  I was Senior Director of Strategy and advancement at CTL, and had a great team and built some awesome stuff.  NFV, SDN, Edge Compute, the bleeding edges of the Telco world are what keeps me excited about my work.

In my copious spare time, I am also a notably unsuccessful professional bowler.  It was a lifelong dream to at least be competitive, and I have finally achieved what I set out to do.  I'll never be "Hall of Fame" worthy, but I enjoy the competition and learning, and spending time with others of similar interests.  Just being good enough to compete is amazing for me.

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